How to lock yourself out of Facebook (And why you’d want to)

Does this sound familiar? You have a day off class. You sleep in, getting up around noon, then get on facebook. Five hours later, it’s evening and you haven’t gotten any of that work you told yourself you’d knock out done. Why? Because Facebook– and many other websites– sucked you in and you lost track of time.

It’s okay. We’ve all done it. And we’ve all kicked ourselves for it. I used to do it daily. What changed? I didn’t suddenly develop willpower or a love for doing my work. Instead, a blog I was reading on one of those lazy days pointed me to a Firefox extension called Leechblock. If you’re like me, you probably don’t mean to spend so long on the web– it just happens. Leechblock locks you out of those websites after a certain amount of time each day.

Leechblock has three stellar features. First, it allows you to set a time limit for websites. Say you want to spend 30 minutes on Facebook every 12 hours (this is my set up). You can enter that info into Leechblock and it’ll lock you out of that website after that amount of time. You can configure it to allow you a certain number of minutes a week, a day, a half day, every 6 hours, every hour, etc.

When that time is up, there are several options for what the page will display. When I type in after having spent too long on there, Leechblock redirects me to, because, let’s face it, that’s what I should be doing anyway. You can have it redirect you anywhere, or show you a blank webpage. Whatever works for you.

Its second great feature is locking you out during specific blocks of time. I am locked out of all my timewasting websites from 20 minutes before my class until 20 minutes after. Again, these websites redirect me to

Its final feature is its best: a lockdown mode. Let’s face it. There’s no time better for wasting time online than the night before a big paper’s due, right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled all nighters for a 3-7 page paper. 3-7 pages! It’s really only a few hours of work, but it’s probably twice as much time on the web “taking a break.” Now, I tell Leechblock to lock me out of my procrastination websites for 4 hours and I have no other option but to work. So I do. So I get things done much quicker.

You can have it lock you out for any amount of time– from 5 minutes to a week, basically. For example, I have a paper to write tonight. I’ll lock myself out of my websites for 2 hours and see what I can get done.

Does this sound good to you? It’s not that we are lazy or actively trying to procrastinate– it’s that we don’t realize the time drain. If you’d like to try it, here’s how:

Step 1: Install Firefox, if you haven’t already. This is so much better than Internet Explorer I can’t even tell you. Basically, Firefox allows much, much better protection from viruses. It’s also much more friendly to webpage designers. It’s as easy to use as Internet Explorer, and 10,000 times more interesting. In the weeks to come, I’ll highlight various Firefox extensions; you can’t use them if you don’t have Firefox (hint hint!). The link to download it:

Step 2: Install Leechblock: Click the Add to Firefox button, then quit and reopen Firefox.

Step 3: Click on the Tools menu. Roll down to the Leechblock menu, then click on the Options section.

Step 4: Into Block Set 1, type the first website you want to block. You’ve got 6 block sets. I block Facebook in Block set 1; I block my blogs in block 2.

Step 5: Select your block actions. If you want to block the site, say, from 7-9 pm every weekday, you’d enter 1900-2100 in the “Enter the time periods within which to block these sites” box (you have to use military time), then check Monday-Friday in the days box. You can also add the time limit option.

Step 6: Check the “Actively block pages on these sites” box. Trust me on this. Also check “Prevent access to options for this block set…” This keeps you from being able to disable your block when it locks you out.

Step 7: Enter the page you want to be redirected to in the “Enter the fully specified URL” box.

Step 8: Click okay!

That’s it. It’s a fairly simple set up.

To utilize the lockdown:
Step 1: Go to the Leechblock menu that you find in step 3 above, then click on Lockdown.
Step 2: Specify how long you want to block them
Step 3: Click okay

If you decide to do this, let me know. I find it really helpful to my ADD self; let me know how it works for you. And to get you all started with this, I’m offering a challenge: Put facebook on lockdown for four days. I’ll be doing this after sending this email. Do it with me, and see how it makes you feel. Obviously, you can always go to the computer lab and check it, but this will make you have to walk across campus– are you really going to want to do that?

So take my challenge. Let me know how it goes. Let me know if you need any help; let me know how you’re doing.


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33 Responses to “How to lock yourself out of Facebook (And why you’d want to)”

  1. jwswlm Says:

    thanks! this is exactly what I needed.

  2. Rebekah Says:

    hey – i was wondering if there was a way to see how much time you’ve used throughout the day, and how much tiem you have left?

  3. Eduardo Says:

    I think more people are gonna be doing this in the future. It’s amazing…you just spend hours doing stupid tests and writing comments and viewing what other people do and waiting for people to reply…It’s addictive, though it’ a good way to keep in touch with people,it just disconnects you from the real world! and the things you must do!

  4. Martin Says:

    Ohh god thank you! I have been loosing so much time lately!

  5. Olivia Says:

    Such a helpful article, saves me deleting my facebook account – so thank you soooo much! 🙂

  6. nilsnh Says:

    Alright! No more wasting willpower on staying away from Facebook. 🙂

  7. eidolonstar Says:

    This was an excellent post. I have installed the program and hopefully now I’ll have more time to do things I should be doing! Write on.

  8. Kat Says:

    Haha, I totally needed this! Thank you! Maybe I’ll get some homework done on time now…

  9. john Says:

    I needed this app very much. I like the “do not let me uninstall” feature of the program. Just uninstalled other browsers on my system and will probably trick this app out more in the future to make it even more ‘secure’.

  10. hana Says:

    Thankyou thankyou tahnkyou! Just what i needed! I even deleted internet explorer so i dont have that option anymore:) Goodbye facebook! Cheers!

  11. Kalo Says:

    Thanks for this!! I really need as little distraction as possible.

  12. Simon Says:

    I think Leechblock should lock the option-page during lockdown. It’s too easy to change the adress and unblock facebook etc

  13. Dan Says:

    thank you, you have no idea whay youre about to do to my grades

  14. yay Says:

    Thanks so much! This was sooo helpful!

  15. grrr Says:

    useful! thanks a bunch:)

  16. Carrie Says:

    Is it possible to do on Chrome?

  17. jennifer Says:

    YAY!! i can’t get into facebook. i love it!!!

  18. Melanie Says:

    Thank you so much! You have seriously saved this university student’s hide with your recommendation.

  19. Sarah Says:

    I often lock myself out of sites like this for days and weeks at a time. I have a procrastination problem, and I know that by locking myself out of a site- I am much more likely to accomplish my tasks.

    I do not use leechblock- but rather have my boyfriend or another close friend change my password for a small amount of time. I think this works better than leechblock for two reasons. 1) I cannot go to leechblock and change my settings or turn off the function completely to allow myself more time on these sites. 2) By having another person aware that I have an immense amount of work to do, I am much less likely to e-mail them and ask for the password to be changed back for fear of their dissappointment in my lack of completed work and self-control.

  20. Jon Olafsson Says:

    I want to lock permanently facebook because serious viruses have been following

  21. artexmaestro Says:

    Leechblock is exactly what I’ve been looking for, thanks for the recommendation! (even if it was 3.5yrs ago) !

  22. Vince Says:

    Implementing this for five days as of right now. I’m studying business law and have an insurmountable exam coming up. I’m already sitting on an HD but like you I’m scared that my ADD self will ruin it all. +1 for necessity.

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  26. sleep Says:


    […]How to lock yourself out of Facebook (And why you’d want to) « Cloelia’s Weblog[…]…

  27. kjgibson Says:

    5 page paper due tomorrow and after following your good instructions I will hopefully finish it tonight.
    Thank you!

  28. Evelyn mesienze Says:

    not interested any more

  29. penjernih air Says:

    penjernih air…

    […]How to lock yourself out of Facebook (And why you’d want to) « Cloelia’s Weblog[…]…

  30. luiseth Says:

    Well I think you have become my thesis’ saviour, sir! Thank you very much.

  31. Ryan Mals Says:

    You are seriously a godsend… thanks 🙂

  32. sandy Says:

    this is great!! Downloading this right now. Got a big test coming up and silly Internet sites cannot get in my way. Thanks!

  33. jusTEEN Says:

    is this applicable for other programs like google chrome?

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